Marjean Nelson

Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.)
Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
National Certified Counselor (NCC)
State authorized Supervisor of LPC Interns

  • Over 24 years of counseling experience
  • Therapy for children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families
  • Rebuild a relationship.
  • Overcome depression.
  • Reduce anxiety and control stress.
  • Save your marriage.
  • Increase self-esteem.
  • Deal with loss, trauma, or past abuse.
  • Develop academic strategies.
  • Be a successful parent.

Finding a therapist

Many individuals experience times in their lives when the services of a mental health professional are needed to regain a healthier, balanced life. During these important times, it is essential that each individual find a therapist who is qualified and experienced to meet those needs. As a therapist, my goal is to provide a friendly and safe environment in which I can work with individuals, couples, families and children to develop successful skills that promote growth and allow individuals to reach and maintain a better life.

I use an “eclectic” style of therapy in my practice drawing upon different theories and techniques to address each individual client’s needs. I combine brief, solution-focused therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy, focusing on current problems and working toward solutions. Also identified are family-of-origin issues from the past that are painful and perhaps interfering with one’s life and relationships in the present. Without dwelling too much on the past, I then help individuals/couples identify any unfinished issues that may be affecting the quality of their current lives/relationships. Sand tray therapy, art therapy and activity therapy are also used with children.

Therapy is a special kind of training for life. I can provide you with tools to handle everyday life situations, past pain, trauma, as well as assist you in developing into the person you are intended to be. Therapy is a journey of individual growth that promotes a more positive future. Working together through this process, each individual may return to a healthier, balanced life.

About me

Unlike most therapists, I was a public school counselor serving children in grades pre-k through 5 before going into private practice. With over 24 years of counseling experience, I work with each client to develop successful strategies that promote a healthier, balanced life. In the school setting, I worked with children struggling with the impact of divorce, academic demands, peer pressure and individual growth and developmental issues. I also helped parents implement successful parenting plans, which compliment the child’s development and growth.

In my private practice, I continue to focus on meeting the counseling needs of the family by working with adults and couples. In counseling couples experiencing marriage/relationship issues, my primary goal is to help couples find healthy ways to effectively deal with the problems they face together; to stay and work toward a healthy, loving relationship rather than fleeing when things become unstable.

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